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Dandelion Embroidery Kit,Plants Transparent Embroidery kit,Floral Embroidery Kit,DIY Craft Kit,Embroidery Kit For Beginner,English Guide

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Embroidery, this is a very meaningful thing, in the process of embroidery, it can not only make you feel very relaxed, very quiet, at the same time, it can bring more fun, hope also can bring you happiness!
This hand-embroidered kit will include everything you need to start a project, this is a great kit for beginners too! As long as you have this set, you can do beautiful embroidery. Beginners who are trying embroidery for the first time or old professionals looking for a pre-made design. This style requires several basic stitches, which are detailed in the instructions attached to your order. When you finish this perfect embroidery, I believe you will be surprised at your ability to accomplish such a beautiful thing, it is such a beautiful cross-stitch, give yourself a round of applause, you are so great.

Designs of designs, designs CARDS, designs hoop, drawings instructions, designs needle

Simple steps (refer to the instructions in the material package for details)
1. Open the embroidery hoop and lock the embroidery cloth in the embroidery hoop
2. According to the pattern in the embroidery cloth, refer to the corresponding color number on the corresponding embroidery card, and use the embroidery needle to embroider according to the pattern
3. When the embroidery is finished, you can remove the excess thread, and you can also DIY the design and name you like.

Please do not get wet until you have finished the work, only after you have finished the cross-stitch, as the coloured patterns and mesh lines on the cross-stitch fabric are easy to wash off. Because of the use of water-soluble printing dyes.

Popular gifts:
A beautiful package and is suitable for your family, your friend's gift to complete with your friends or your child's DIY embroidery is really a meaningful and special gift, this gift including life and we can use the embroidery art deco, like clothing, bedding, tablecloths, stage and artistic adornment, at the same time you can speak it and circle hanging on the wall together anywhere you like, or it can be framed photos, this is a great work of art.
I would love to see your progress as you stitch and your finished result! Please share your journey with me

We hope you are satisfied with your order. If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please leave us a message. We will respond quickly, and if you need help with embroidery, please feel free to contact us, we will solve any problems for you, thank you!

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